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Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York) - Review

There has been a great deal of hype around Two Strangers at the Kiln Theatre, which I (as an occasionally cynical man) thought might be unfounded. However, I was absolutely wrong! Directed by Tim Jackson, Two Strangers was a hilariously funny, charmingly acted, and cleverly staged production that I will fight other punters to get the last remaining tickets of it's run.

In short, it tells the story of a young, golden retriever-like man Dougal (Sam Tutty) who is visiting New York for his estranged father's wedding and the subsequent 2 days spent with hardened New Yorker, and soon to be step-Aunt, Robin (Dujonna Gift). The story is a romantic, light-hearted jaunt through the big apple that feels resembles a warm wintery hug.

Sam Tutty portrays Dougal with perfection. He maintains his loveable high energy throughout with impeccable comic timing. After his stint last year as the anxious and troubled eponymous character in Dear Evan Hansen (which he won an Olivier for), it demonstrates the breadth this young actor can cover. I can imagine he is a casting director's dream, as he shows here his wide-ranging versality. If you want to see a short excerpt of his singing abilities in this show, check out the youtube link below.

While Tutty provides energy and youthful naivety, Dujonna Gift provides the perfect counterbalance. Playing the role of cynical New Yorker Robin, she contrasts his joie de vivre as a woman who has has lost all of her wonder and passion for life. Her voice is beautiful and she embodied her role so well that I often forgot I was watching an actress.

The set is a cleverly designed mound of skyscraper-mimicking suitcases that had a never end variety of uses, from bar to bed, subway to coffee shop. Designed by multi Oliver and Tony Award nominated Soutra Gilmour, its effortless exterior camouflaged a deep intricacy and purpose. Though I often expound my distaste of a revolve onstage, as readers will by now have gathered, this time it was used well and truly added to the story telling.

The worst piece of news about this show is that it is sold out for the rest of its run at The Kiln. Here's hoping the rumours are true and it is destined to transfer to the West End. I can't see a reason why it wouldn't! If you want to try and get return tickets visit

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