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Mean Girls The Movie - Review

As the saying goes you should never write a message, text or especially a review, in anger. So I've taken a week off from watching this movie before posting this review.

If you have a really short attention span then my opinion on the new Mean Girls movie is...

RUBBISH. This movie has truly embarassed the legacy of one of the most famous cult teen comedies of all times and even more is a huge embarrassment to the musical theatre genre.

Mean Girls has suffered from a lot of flaws... a lot. Its main issue, is it hadn't figured out what it wanted to be, was it a half musical? was it a woke version of the movie? Ultimately, it was just cringe, and had I not a really nice bottle of wine in the cinema I would have left early.

Having been a mega fan of the original, my medical school yearbook bio was a Mean Girls quote, I was sorely disappointed that a lot of the characters had different names than the original. Looking back at a lot of movies, many things have not aged well, however the names for Mean Girls were never an issue. The songs were half baked, cursively sang versions of the Broadway musical, with some of them being great songs. I don't want to spend long on my review of this tragic movie, so this will be an exceptionally short review. Please, don't bother wasting your money on a musical movie that was too embarrassed to call itself a musical. It is just sad.

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